We Wish You a Merry Haiku – Christmas Haiku


The second of our Advent blogposts sees team member Rachel Clarke making the most of Christmas in the classroom.

This post combines learning about poetry with a Christmas craft activity and can even be extended to include a quick and attractive classroom display.

There are many ways of ‘doing’ Christmas in a primary school. Some stay on timetable until 3.30 on the last day of term; some hold Nativity plays and carol services, and some seize the Festive Season as an opportunity to go ‘off-timetable’ , hold parties and sprinkle glitter for the entire month of December.

I’ve worked in each type of school, learning early in my career that Christmas is exhausting – whatever type of school you are in. After ‘doing’ a full month of Christmas in my NQT year I vowed to myself that, whatever the school’s approach to Christmas might be, I was going to find a way of combining the festive theme with structured and meaningful learning. By doing this I maintained a focus on the curriculum, acknowledged the significance of the Christmas celebrations and made sure that increasingly excited children were kept calm and purposeful.

I first used the following lesson idea with a Year 4 class. It is easily adaptable and could make an equally good mum- or dad-led project if you wanted to adapt it for use at home.

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Video from Primary English

Clips from two guided reading sessions in John Shelton Primary School in Coventry. Rachel is using two of the titles from The Mini Tales Pack with a year 5 and year 6 group of children whilst addressing some key reading objectives.

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