Christmas writing opportunities


Creating writing opportunities at Christmas time

Once we are in December, Santa’s presence is in every classroom whether we like it or not! He helps us with classroom management, “You don’t want to be on the naughty list do you?”; his impending visit causes the post box to overflow with cards; and reception’s dulcet tones ring out ‘Little Donkey’. There’s no escaping it –  The big man is on his way!

Using real life writing opportunities is a great way to get children writing at any time of the year but at Christmas, the writing opportunities can be magical. Here we look at taking advantage of the big man’s visit to inspire some festive writing.

10 Christmas Writing Opportunities:


  1. Christmas list – what about writing them as a list poem with alliteration? Dear Santa, I’d like a delightful dog, a perfect pet, and a lovely lead to take him on wonderful walks etc.

  2. A persuasive letter to Santa – this could show both sides of the naughty and nice argument… Dear Santa, You may have seen me kick my brother. However, I did also help him with his homework last week…

  3. Toy making instructions for the elves e.g. how to make a sock puppet or instructions for the games that Santa’s elves are making such as Twister, Scrabble etc.

  4. Create a preparation timeline for Santa – write it in chronological order making sure children use time connectives.

  5. Write a persuasive letter to parents about why the children *need* that particular toy.

  6. Make an opportunity for the younger children in school write to SantaThe KS2 children could then write letters back as Santa in role.

  7. Write adverts for toys – these could be posters, magazine adverts or scripted TV adverts.

  8. Creating Settings – descriptions of Santa’s workshop or the North Pole. You could use films like Elf, books like The Polar Express (see our blog post) or some of the visual images on our winter theme and Christmas Pinterest boards.

  9. Write winter poems based on observations of the season such as snowflakes and frost. You could also take a look at our Christmas haiku post.

  10. Christmas recipes – write your favourite family Christmas recipe and collate a class book.

We ho ho hope you will find these useful ideas to make the most of the festivities with some Christmas writing opportunities.


For more ideas for winter and Christmas, please pop by our winter and Christmas themed Pinterest boards where there are lots of useful resources collated ready for you to use for example, games, visual images, film clips, art and craft ideas and links to teaching resources.


Charlotte Reed – Primary English Consultant and part time elf




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