Progression in narrative texts

Not so long ago, I shared a post about my Progression in non-fiction texts document. It proved pretty popular and I know many of my readers downloaded the resource and started using it to inform their planning and subject knowledge. This is great news. It really is rewarding to produce a resource with the aim of helping others, and then hear that it’s been positively received.

Well, today’s the day to say that Progression in non-fiction texts has a little brother: Progression in narrative texts. Like it’s older sibling, the document is intended to help busy teachers with planning writing opportunities that reference the grammatical requirements of the National Curriculum whilst maintaining focus on the all-important elements of ‘audience’ and ‘purpose’.

Just as before, the document maps out a progression of skills and features by year group, and suggests different forms of writing from across the narrative range.

Feel free to download and share the resource free of charge. And I hope it helps you to plan for effective, progressive narrative writing in your school.

Rachel Clarke – Director, Primary English Education

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